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Published on March 27, 2020 | Accommodation, Activities, Hotel, Tips, Travel

Bali is a natural paradise island, and while more people come to visit the island every year, much of its natural beauty remains untouched – you can still fully immerse yourself in Mother Nature’s embrace.

The best way to completely detox yourself from the busy city life is to spend a couple of nights at one of Bali’s nature-themed stays. Pack light and get ready for an escape into one of these unique accommodations.


1. Jungle Bubble Lodge

Jungle Bubble Lodge
Photo credit by Agoda

One of the best feelings in the world is to fall asleep under the stars, with no roof above your head. In the Jungle Bubble Lodge at Payangan, Gianyar, you can have a taste of this freedom – without exposing yourself to the elements too much.

The lodge resembles more to an air-conditioned transparent tent or igloo, with a king-sized bed inside a dome. Its design is modern yet dynamic, allowing you a pleasant view of the jungle without making you feel exposed.

A single unit is complete with an outdoor restroom (not inside the dome itself). This gives you a chance to breathe the cool night air and hear crickets.


2. Bubble Hotel

Bubble Hotel
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The concept of Bubble Hotel is similar to Jungle Bubble Lodge except that they’ve taken seclusion and privacy to a whole new level. Nyang Nyang beach is no longer a secret, but it’s still a rather empty and secluded place due to the challenging access.

Of course, Bubble Hotel knows a few shortcuts you can take to easily get down to the beach. You’re invited to stay in their borderless igloo with the barely visible structure to obstruct you from the view of the beach and the ocean.

The powerful air conditioning ensures that your comfort bubble stays cool under the sun, and pleasant eye-friendly night lights do not obstruct your view of the stars. For couples looking for a total escape, Bubble Hotel might be just for you.


3. Firefly Eco Lodge

Firefly Eco Lodge
Photo credit by The Bali Bible

Firefly Eco Lodge is serious when it comes to using natural materials – straw thatch, dry coconut branches and bamboo, using concrete as little as possible.

The lodges are not strictly limited to simple designs either. Pick a unique design you’d want to stay in – a birdhouse, treehouse, or cottage. Each offering the same view of the Balinese rice paddies, natural air conditioning by catching winds from above, and freshwater provided from the mountains.

Getting there also takes time. Some lodges have located a distance from each other, and you’ll need to take a scenic route through rice fields to get to your lodge.


4. Mara River Safari Lodge

Mara River Safari Lodge

This unique wildlife-themed lodge is part of Bali Safari Park, in Gianyar. It’s the only place that offers you a full unobstructed view of African Savannah dwellers grazing peacefully in the wide-open space.

You’re able to spot dozens of animals, from zebras, and rhinoceros, to wildebeests – it is such a rare opportunity to observe the wildlife at any time during the day or night.

As part of the Bali Safari Park complex, you are entitled to free park admission at all times. You can go on the Night Safari and fully enjoy the tour, journey, dinner and Fire Dance performance without having to worry about coming home late – your bed would literally be only a few blocks away!

The lodges are equipped with facilities that will make for a comfortable stay, without leaving too much carbon footprint. Most of the furniture is made up of locally sourced and recyclable materials – and from a design’s perspective, it all just complements the African wildlife theme!

Learn more about what you can expect from Mara River Safari Lodge, including rates, facilities, education, all on the official website.