3 Hidden Waterfalls In Gianyar, Bali That You Must Visit

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Published on June 19, 2018 | Activities


tegenungan waterfall bali - waterfalls in bali
Photo source: sutarahady.com

A fantastic option for families, Tegenungan Waterfall is the easiest to get to. It is car-friendly, with a large parking space and a welcome area. There are customary local vendors selling art and souvenirs and a few warungs selling snacks and cold drinks. A flight of steps leads to the cool and refreshing pool below. You’ll catch your first glimpse of the waterfall right before you descend; an impressive panorama of cascading water amidst verdant greenery in the distance – position yourself just right and you’ll have the perfect backdrop for that compulsory tourist pose!

Kanto Lampo

Kanto Lampo
Photo source: kintamani.id

Unlike Tegenungan Waterfall that naturally flows down into a large open space, Kanto Lampo sits snugly in a canyon. Water cascades down thousands of jagged rocks into a shallow pool that flows away into the jungle. On both sides of the waterfall are soaring walls of solid rock covered with dense jungle vegetation. Access to Kanto Lampo is a little bit difficult – some trekking is required and there are no steps to get down into the cool water, aside a bamboo handrail. The area is small and magical.  You’ll be enveloped in the waterfall’s cooling mist once you get down into the shallow river canyon.

Goa Rang Reng

goa rang reng
Photo source: onthespot.ga

Perfect for the adventurous, this waterfall is only accessible via motorbike. The little pathway leading towards the waterfall splits in two – one direction heads towards the sacred cave and the other towards the waterfall itself. You’re welcomed to explore the cave but only with one of the local guides who are on standby. After a short climb down, you’ll reach the gently cascading waterfall.  Unlike other waterfalls that thunder down at 90 degrees, Goa Rang Reng flows down a gentle angle with a natural pool at the top which you can swim in.

You can visit these waterfalls when you stay at the Mara River Safari Lodge. It is the ideal hotel and accommodation in Gianyar.  Perfect for families looking to stay in a 4-star nature resort and Safari-themed wildlife conservation centre.