Let’s Sneak into Our Herbivores Animals!

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Published on August 1, 2022 | Accommodation, Animals, Conservation, Travel, vacation

In junior high school, we all learn that there are kinds of animals that eat plants, aren’t we? We call them the Herbivores! Herbivores mostly like to live in groups called herds to help them protect each other against predators.

Now, let’s have a closer look at our herbivores’ animals in the park, which you can also observe from your room’s balcony.



This animal is similar to horses and donkeys but has black and white stripes – known as The Zebra!

In the wild, they can be easily found in the vast grasslands and savannas. However, they are often preyed upon by predators such as lions.

In Bali Safari Park, try to meet an interesting type of zebra – the Chapman Zebra. These herbivore mammals have 3 color patterns which are black, white, and brown. People often think that the brown color they have means they are dirty but in fact, it’s not!

You can also observe them from the Kiboko Pool or from your room’s balcony.


Do you know what is the largest mammal on earth? Yes, The Elephants! These big eater’s foods are plants, making them the next herbivores you can meet and feed in at our Mara Garden and Bali Safari Park.

Many of the activities with elephants are on hand only for you. Go for a walk to Kampung Gajah to feed them, do the Elephant Ride and enjoy the Elephant Show. Not only that, learn about them through Elephant Museums or try to recycle the dung at Safari Poo Paper factory.



The giraffe is the next herbivore animal that you can meet in Bali Safari Park. This animal not only lives in the group but also likes to live in harmony with the other herbivores!

Knows as the tallest herbivore on the planet, Giraffe can consume up to 34 kg of plants a day. They really like to eat leaves such as acacia leaves and fruits. Are you interested to feed a giraffe with your own hand? Give them their favorite food neck-to-neck at our Giraffe Feeding Encounters.

The Herbivores’ animals have important roles in the wild. They help sow the seeds of plants naturally and are also at the forefront of the food chain. We, humans, have no right to harm these animals, so let’s preserve them instead. Let’s learn more about them by staying overnight at our Mara River Safari Lodge and visiting our Bali Safari Park.