It’s Holiday Time! Looking for a Hotel in Bali Safari?

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Published on June 24, 2022 | Accommodation, Animal, Animals, Hotel

Hotel in Bali Safari

​Mara River Safari Lodge is an African-themed hotel in Bali Safari that offers an unforgetable experience.

It is situated in the middle of Bali Safari and Marine Park, which makes it easier for visitors to reach the place easily. An African-themed environment surrounds our hotel with grasslands and other natural landscapes.

You can enjoy the scenic view from your room as well as from other parts of this attraction area. The place also consists of an exotic safari journey that allows you to explore wildlife animals like lions, orangutans, etc.

African-themed hotel in Bali Safari

Stay-cation seru bareng anak di Bali

This African-themed hotel offers a panoramic view of the African savanna, providing you with an incredible animal viewing experience.

This Mara River Safari Lodge is located inside Bali Safari & Marine Park, which boasts some of Bali’s most beautiful natural attractions and wildlife experiences. Our hotel features a freshwater pool surrounded by lush greenery, complete with palm trees and other tropical plants. In addition to superb accommodation options for families or couples’ retreats, you can also enjoy special dining experiences at Tsavo Lion Restaurant.

Tsavo Restaurant - families activities bali

The hotel is 15-minutes from the city but it’s worth the drive. It has a panoramic view of Africa and a pool that overlooks the African animals in Bali Safari Park. You can also do an African safari tour inside the park which will be very exciting!

Exotic Safari Journey

Safari Journey Mara River Safari Lodge Bali Safari

This is a hotel with a view of the African plains and its inhabitants, including zebras, giraffes, elephants, and lions. This is an african-themed hotel offering you an exciting way to experience Africa’s wildlife in your own backyard – without leaving Bali!

These are some of the things one can enjoy here. If you are planning to go on a trip soon, this hotel in Bali Safari is the right place. Try this out for something different and unique, and you will see why you should visit us.