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Published on November 13, 2020 | Accommodation, Activities

Swimming Pool | Mara River Safari Lodge

Can’t wait to go on a vacation to Bali? It’s time to chart a course and plan your holiday, because when our borders are open, it’s going to be a race to book the best spots on the island!

Of course, a post-pandemic vacation plan should be unique and out of the ordinary. Luckily we have something prepared for you behind the scenes here at Bali Safari Park.

In case you haven’t heard of us, Bali Safari Park is the only place where you can enjoy an exotic safari journey across the world’s wildlife ecosystems without ever leaving your favorite tropical island. You can go off on an adventure to meet and learn about some of the world’s most protected species — from your favorites and the unfamiliar, to the nearly extinct.

There is so much to experience within the park that by the end of the day, you’ll be left wanting more. So, we provided a place for you to stay overnight in the park, so that you can have another full day ahead to explore every corner of Bali Safari Park.


Sleep soundly at our African-style lodge

Mara River Safari Lodge is inspired by the design and colors of various ethnic African cultures, so don’t be surprised if you feel like you’ve been transported to the great and wonderful continent. We offer four unique lodge types for your enjoyment.

Rooms | Mara River Safari Lodge


Swala Deluxe Room

If you travel in pairs, we highly recommend Swala Deluxe Room. This safari lodge is not only a place to rest for the night. It’s a room that is surrounded with natural beauty, an ideal place to rejuvenate your mind and spirit. Open the doors toward the outdoor terrace and you will be greeted with the sound of a calm stream that separates you and herds of African herbivores.

Our park enclosures are directly connected to the safari lodges, offering you a full view of rhinos, gnus, and zebras — unobstructed by fences or walls of any kind.


Twiga Deluxe Room

This safari lodge will give you a more aerial view of the African savannah. Observe the early rising mammals as they graze among the lush grassland and enjoy the first sunlight that touches their skin. You can walk up to the terrace and join them while admiring the morning view. If you want to wake up to this scene with your special person, Twiga Deluxe Room is the best choice for you.


Kifaru Family Suite

Bring your fun-loving family to Mara River Safari Lodge, and explore the park in a pack of four. Kifaru Family Suite accommodates two adults and two children, and overlooks the Kiboko Swimming Pool and the African enclosure mentioned above. With a close distance to the infinity pool, your human cubs can enjoy a wild splash in the afternoon. As for the adults, the Kiboko pool has a special pool bar where cocktails and refreshing beverages are made. Swim towards the edge of the infinity pool and admire the view of plains zebras.


Tembo Family Suite

A gang of meerkats is a solid pack of core and extended family units traveling together. We have a place in Mara River Safari Lodge to accommodate up to six people who travel and keep each other company — because the more people, the better. Tembo Family Suite is the most spacious bungalow of all, providing separate living and dining areas for adventure-loving extended family or a group of friends.

Each guest will have different needs, and it is our pleasure to cater to individuals at Mara River Safari Lodge. We hope that the immersive nature and adventurous safari experience can make your next vacation an interesting one after the pandemic ends. See you soon!