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Published on January 18, 2019 | Bali Culture, Bali Style, Culture

Bali is often regarded as the Island of the Gods. Full moon ceremonies are common in Bali and considered as one of many ceremonies in Bali. There is a spiritual presence that permeates the island that can be observed from the Balinese architecture scattered on the island, the devoted locals offering their blessings and the daily smell of incense that is familiar in almost every corner in Bali.

The island is dominated by the Hindu culture, a striking phenomenon when compared to the predominantly Muslim population in Indonesia.


Full Moon Ceremonies in Bali
Pray at the Temple | Photo Source : Hakan Nural

Among the many beliefs of the Balinese are their devotion to the Moon and its different phases, with the full moon or Purnama, being the most sacred. It is during the full moon that the Gods descend to the island to provide blessings.

To celebrate this event, the Balinese often hold special full moon ceremonies. In this article we will be sharing some insight on the full moon ceremonies in Bali.


Full Moon Ceremonies in Bali
Melukat | Photo Source : Artem Bali

Melukat Purification Ceremony

Melukat is one of many ceremonies in Bali that aims to cleanse and purify the mind, body and soul from past negative actions, illnesses and traumas.

It is a tradition that has been held from ancient times, and is still impressively conducted today. During the full moon, it is believed that the purification powers are at its peak and many choose to perform the Melukat in conjunction with this celestial alignment. Keep in mind that this is a sacred ceremony and guests are expected to dress appropriately before entering the temple grounds.

Below are the places that we recommend for you to attend for the Melukat ritual:

  • Tirta Empul

    Tirta Empul is one of the most important sacred temples in Bali. The temple complex consists of a large main courtyard, open pavilion and most notably, the large rectangular pool filled with koi that is carved from solid stone.

    The water is fed from 12 fountains each representing the different steps of purification. Guests must first make an offering to the temple and then proceed to submerge in the pool to make their prayers.

  • Pancoran Solas

    Pancoran solas is another location where you can participate in the Melukat ritual. The pool in this temple is fed by 11 fountains, each representing the powers of the Gods that guards and bless the island of Bali.


Full Moon Ceremonies in Bali Kecak Rina
Kecak Rina Dance | Photo Source : flickr

Kecak Rina, ARMA Museum Ubud

Another option you can opt for during the full moon in Bali is a visit to the ARMA Museum in Ubud. Performed exclusively only during the full moon is the Kecak Rina dance in the ARMA Museum in Ubud.

This unique variation of the Kecak Dance is the collaboration between the Western artist Walter Spies with renowned local dancer Limbak in the 1930’s.

The Kecak Rina was further improved by the famed Javanese dancer and choreographer Sardono W. Kusumo, infusing the dance traditional Javanese elements.


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