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Published on June 15, 2022 | Activities, Animal, Animals, Hotel, Nature

Night-SafariNight Safari is the best option for those who like to spend their night impressively.

Many of our wildlife in Bali Safari Park are nocturnal, and you can experience them in the Night Safari. Come with us, and we’ll explore the night in Bali together.

Walking Safari

While the sun is setting on the beautiful west coast of Bali, you can head to the walking safari tour where you can see some of our wildlife getting ready to sleep. Zebras, wildebeests, and many animals that would become lion dinners in the wild, instinctively huddle together to protect one another.

In the walking safari tour, you can also spot some amazing gentle herbivores whose habitats are from various parts of the world, not just the African Savannah. Binturong, Komodo dragons, and porcupines are especially busy in the late afternoon.

Safari Journey on Cage

Going on a safari doesn’t have to take place during the day. On the Night Safari, you’ll be traveling in a vehicle through wildlife enclosures together with a guide. Would it be like another Safari Journey inside a bus with large windows – like the ones you may have been on during the day?

Not quite! We thought to give the guests a little more… exposure to raw wildlife experience. Enter the cage tram into the night safari scene, where you’ll be exposed to the night air, sounds, and any wildlife you may encounter on the way.

Tiger’s Dinner Time during Night Safari

Tiger Dinner in Night Safari
Photo credit by Bali Safari Marine Park’s website

Your cage tram will make a stop in the dark, with headlights and some ambient lighting as the source of light. You’ll see a silhouette of a house cat, that only grows bigger and bigger into an unbelievable size.

Before you know it, you’re surrounded by the world’s biggest cats – tigers. At the beginning of the journey, you may have noticed that the guide had brought a mysterious bucket, and now you’ll know the bucket contains meaty treats for the tigers.

Take care to keep any part of your body inside the cage. You will need your nose and fingers for the next part of the Night Safari experience.

Night Safari’s Fire Dance Show

Fire Dance in Night Safari
Photo credit by Bali Safari Marine Park’s website

When it gets dark, our instinct is to switch on the lights. But our ancestors didn’t have such luxury, so they would light up a fire. Watch as the fire dancers use to fire the way our ancestors did and master the element and use it for art and dance.

Listen to the beat of a dozen drums, and meet the men and women with painted faces and exotic costumes playing with the dangerous blaze.

Afrika! The Rhythm of Fire Show could hypnotize you if you stare at the fires for too long. After the dance, the stage and the performers look good on your camera!


Night Safari’s BBQ Dinner at Tsavo

After all that excitement, you might feel a little hungry. This is the best time to have some delicious barbecue at Tsavo Restaurant. Vegetarian options are available too, so don’t hesitate to join us on a fun night grill to keep you warm on a cold night.

Afterward, stay at Mara River Safari Lodge, Bali – the warm bed is waiting for you.

This excitement on Night safari is available every day starting from 6 PM to around 9 PM.

Come explore the wildlife at night with us on Night Safari. It is the best choice to spend your nighttime after all.