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Published on October 10, 2022 | Accommodation, Activities, Tips

Complimentary to our Safari Park is a special treatment that you will have when staying at our lodge. Therefore, this is one of the finest things you should try. It is an exciting ride at the Fun Zone of Bali Safari Park.

Spinning Coaster

Let’s have a closer look at the exciting rides offered by our Fun Zone as follows.

  1. Water Mania

An attraction to be enjoyed in our Fun Zone, especially the Water Mania. Be ready, hang on and enjoy the ride.

  1. Gogo Bouncer

This amusement ride takes the form of an octopus with 12 tentacles, all of which can move up and down in rhythm. You will feel like you are spinning and flying while moving up and down. Amusing if enjoyed together with family or friends. This amusement ride is available only for visitors over 10 years old. To be absolutely mentally and physically fit is necessary for you to really enjoy the ride.

  1. Flume Ride

Mara River Safari Lodge Flume Ride at Bali Safari

Be prepared to get wet at our adrenaline-pumping Flume Ride! Enjoy the wonderful sensation of gliding from 10 meters of height sitting on the boat. Double the fun if you’re with a family or relative. start the day!

  1. Spinning Coaster

Mara River Safari Lodge Fun Zone at Bali SafariYou’re in for a scream when you ride our thrilling Spinning Coaster! A fantastic amusement ride to enjoy with one of your family members or relatives. Spin as you glide from the top of the rails to the bottom, and don’t close your eyes if you don’t want to miss the island’s beautiful ocean and lush mountains, and greenery. A very fantastic amusement ride to enjoy. You will spin while gliding from the top to the bottom. When you are on the top of the ride, do not miss enjoying the sea, mountain, and river views.

All those rides are available for both children and adults. However, some rides might require minimum height and weight with a specific age for the child.

Boost your joy during the holiday by joining our exciting rides at the Fun Zone, only at Mara River Safari Lodge and Bali Safari Park.