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Published on April 27, 2018 | Accommodation, Activities, Bali Style, Culture, Hotel

When you stumble upon diverse culture as rich as Indonesia’s, you’d want to explore and open your eyes to new things. One form that you shouldn’t miss during your travels in the archipelago is the traditional dance.

Each region has their own dances and different interpretations of the art form. In Bali, for example, there are three genres of traditional dances: Wali (sacred dances), Bebali (semi-scared dances), and Balih-balihan (dances for entertainment purposes). UNESCO recognizes all three genres as intangible cultural heritage.

It’s not hard to spot any form of Balinese culture on the island. Although it is more common to find these dances performed in temples or on special occasions, there are numerous tourist places that hold Balinese dance shows typically included as a form of entertainment.

Bali Safari Park takes pride in the magnificent Balinese culture that we proudly incorporate into our park and shows.

cultural show - kecal dance

Here are the cultural shows you can freely enjoy or partake in during your stay at Mara River Safari Lodge.

Lobby Barong
The Barong Dance will greet you at the entrance gate to take you on a magnificent journey of the greatest Balinese legend. It tells a legendary story of Calonarang, a white wizard, turned into a mystical creature to fight an endless battle against Rangda, the dark forces that threaten mankind.

Bali Village

balinese village - kecak dance
Curious as to how the local Balinese go about their day? Be a part of the community and learn how to dance to their culture. Visitors will get an opportunity to learn the renowned Balinese dance available daily from 9am to 5pm at Bale Banjar, Bali Market. This activity is free of charge!

You are given the chance to join the dancers practice various types of Balinese dance routines and be a part of a bigger community to make your stay in Bali even more magical.

The rindik is one of Bali’s traditional musical instruments commonly played for Joged Bumbung dance performances. Visitors will be welcomed at Lobby Barong by a couple of Rindik players. Sway in the relaxing melodies and rhythm of this bamboo instrument.

Various dance performances
When embarking on your safari adventure on a Sunday, be sure to pop in to Uma Restaurant at lunchtime to enjoy a Balinese performance. Our professional dancers present you a variety of dances, including: Puspanjali, Sekar Jagat, Cendrawasih, Tenun, Oleg Tamulilingan, and Baris dance.

Various versions of barong dances are also performed throughout the Bali Safari Park to entertain visitors. In special occasions, we often present Barong Ngelawang, a dance accompanied by musical instruments and dancers.

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