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Published on March 10, 2022 | Accommodation, Activities, Animal, Animals, Hotel, Nature, Tips

Behind the Scene is a program that allows you to explore our park from a different point of view with our trained and experienced guide.

Bali Safari Park has been continuously developing many programs aim to encourage our visitors to take care of environment and animals together. As result, a new unique program is now established for all of you, the Safari Lovers; entitled Behind the Scene. This program consists of three parts as follows.

Behind the Scene Junior Mahout

The word “mahout” derives from Hindi which means people who are experienced, having skill or ability to take care and watch the behavior of elephant.

Behind the Scene Mahout

In this Junior Mahout program, you can experience of how is it to be a mahout and get closer with the biggest mammal in Asia. Let’s learn from the expert and apply the knowledge directly. Learn and practicing it at once!

Get the chance to take care of the elephants including their nails and home and even bath them on your own. Moreover, you can also visit our Safari Poo Paper to witness the creation of paper from the elephant’s poo. Do you know that Safari Poo Paper in Bali Safari Park is the first elephant’s poo paper factory in Indonesia? Incredible, isn’t it?

Behind the Scene Junior Keeper

While exploring our park, you are able to meet many animals in our Pettin Zoo. Here, you can also experience to be their keeper.

Behind the Scene Junior Keeper

Besides of interacting with animals, an experience to be a keeper is a new different perspective that you should try. Let’s learn how to groom the Pony Horse and prepare for the animals’ food. Here, you can learn about the nutrition’s’ fact measurement and its impact towards the animals.

Behind the Scene Bird Watcher

On this program, you will be the part of bird’s conservation program in Bali Safari Park. You will learn about Bali Starling Breeding Program and how these beautiful birds facing serious threat in their natural habitat.

Behind the Scene Bird Watcher

Furthermore, let’s learn how to make the enrichment for these birds. Enrichment is good for the birds. It is useful so the birds can grow and develop properly. Not only that, enrichment is also important as the animals’ favorite play.

Those are three activities in Behind the Scene Program which you can try in our Park. Let’s  help us to conserve the nature and its wildlife animal.