The Balinese Jogging Routes for a Healthy Heart

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Published on January 31, 2020 | Accommodation, Activities, Tips, Travel

Cardio exercise is valuable for a healthy heart, and jogging is an exercise you can do for free. Luckily, Bali offers a variety of landscapes to suit how challenging you want your jogging session to be.

We list several jogging routes in popular tourist destinations in Bali.

Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach View

Sanur beach lies on the east-facing coastline, which means early morning runners get a special treat of seeing sunrise at 5:50 am. The route stretches for 5.5 km from the end of Jl. Hang Tuah at Sanur Beach’s entrance, to the southern end of the beach at Jl. Kusuma Sari.

The route is also well-paved, and the small lane is typically not as busy in the morning. Cafes and vendors selling drinks, line up along this route, so if you feel tired at any point, you can pick one place to rest and cool off.

Terrain type: Flat
Distance: 5.5 km north to south

Denpasar Niti Mandala

Denpasar Bajra Sandhi

In Renon, there is a city park called Niti Mandala, in which the monument Bajra Sandhi was constructed. The outer perimeter of the park is a wide paved jogging track that can be quite packed on a Sunday morning during a special time called ‘car-free day’ or CFD as the locals refer. Apart from the outer perimeter, you can also run on one of the grass fields and inner roads of the park.

On special occasions, tents selling food and drinks are set up in one of the fields. You can also visit food stalls, carts, and vendors that are set up a mere walking distance in any direction from the park.

Terrain type: Flat
Distance: 1.5 km per lap

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Ubud Jogging Track

Compared to the other jogging routes, the total distance of this route may not be that impressive. However, given that the entire route is inclined, jogging 2.6 km with a 100-meter height difference could actually help you burn more calories than your typical run on flat ground.

Of course, while you are still in Ubud, do some yoga! Yoga complements jogging in a very surprising way. If you are tired from the jog, you can opt for the less intense and relaxing yoga sessions.

Terrain type: Incline, with 100 m height difference from south to north
Distance: 2.6 km, south to north

Kuta-Legian-Seminyak – Three Beaches Route

Kuta Beach Jogging Track

This route covers Kuta beach, Legian beach, and Seminyak beach in one 3.6 km stretch. The Three Beaches Route is especially great in the morning because not many people are up at that time. Tourists and locals alike often stay up late in these areas. The air is also still refreshing after the night breeze clears away the air pollution from the day before.

This route has the greatest variety of terrain, from narrow pedestrian to car-free avenues, and if you are up for the challenge, run further than the recommended distance and cross the sandy beach to meet another car-free avenue north of Seminyak at Petitenget.

The route extends southeast to northwest, from Hard Rock Cafe to Seminyak Beach. From here you can run on the sand barefoot if you want, and make your way to Petitenget beach – a further 1 km of running.

Terrain type: Flat, pavement with optional sandy beach crossing
Distance: At least 3.6 km

Jogging in Bali has tremendous physical and mental health benefits, and reaching these places is easy if your accommodation is centrally located. Mara River Safari Lodge is located just 30 minutes from all the mentioned places, except for Kuta, which takes a little bit longer – but the distance will be worth it!