Bali Safari Park, The Biggest Conservation & Theme Park in Bali Celebrates 15th Anniversary!

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Published on November 19, 2022 | Activities, Animal, Conservation, Nature

November is truly a special month for Bali Safari Park – as every November 13th, this park celebrates anniversary!


As the momentous celebration, it has been 15 years that Bali Safari Park has consistently doing well in preserving endangered animals. Only in here, the wildlife conservation blends in nature with the original Balinese cultures. Visitors will be spoiled with various Balinese ornaments within a variety of animals from various parts of the world. Hence, makes this park as the best theme park in Bali for recreation and edutainment purpose!

About Us

As the unit of Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI) Group, Bali Safari Park was established in 2007. The location of the park is in Jalan Prof Dr Ida Bagus Mantra, Gianyar Regency, Bali.

About more than 100 exotic animal species inhabits the park, we also succeed in doing many animal conservation programs. The birth of baby animals such as baby Komodo, Orangutan, Hyena, Hippo, and more are the testament of it all.

Because being the best theme park in Bali, we never stop providing a proper and well education to the public. On purpose, there are Bali Safari Hotel where visitors also can stay in a world-class hotel with stunning African panoramas. This African-themed hotel – Mara River Safari Lodge – can definitely redefines the safari experience for all ages.

Internal Celebration


On this 15th anniversary, the conduction of internal celebration is a momentum to mark the good teamwork over the years. Led by General Manager, Marcel Driessen, the procession of Potong Tumpeng held with great joy. As well as the silent moment of praying, hoping for a better future of the park.

Bali Safari, in every goals always takes animals welfare very seriously. On his speech, Marcel Driessen said all of the animals preserved at the park are the number one priorities. So, he encourages all team to always giving the best care for animals, as well ensure the best service for all visitors.

The 15 years of existence cannot happen without continues support from the entire community who tirelessly supports Bali Safari Park. Best roarrr from us!