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Published on April 9, 2018 | Activities, Animal, Hotel

During your stay at Mara River Safari Lodge, you have the privilege to watch wildlife unfold from the comfort of your room. Whether you’re on a relaxing trip or a fun weekend visit with the kids, the educational Animal Shows at Bali Safari Park should be on your top to-do list.

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If you share a love for animals, then you are in the right safari park.

The splendid island of Bali and its people are renowned for their faith in God and love for nature. They are blessed with rich flora and fauna, which they are thankful for every day. To show love and gratitude, animals and plants are cared for as they would a friend.

It is that love that Bali Safari Park wants to spread through their animal shows.

Indeed, it is a great experience to go on a safari journey where you get see a pride of lions slumber in their dens or a herd of ostriches casually munching on roots of plants. The vehicle, however, gives you some sort of limitation between you and them.

With the animal shows spread throughout the day, we bring you closer to the animals.

Set on our hanuman stage with a grand stone-carved backdrop, the animal shows (daily at 10.30 and 16.00) aim to entertain and inform visitors. The team of rangers are here to share stories and fun facts about the animals on stage, in addition to reminding us about the importance of preserving our environment.

We want to show you how much we care and love our park inhabitants!

You will see animals swooping in and out of the stage: birds fleeting, binturong climbing, pythons hissing. The star of the show, arguably, is the orangutan with a dazzling personality that reminds us how human animals can be. One collects a coconut, peels it, and drinks out of it just like we would.

Mara River Safari Lodge is located within the Bali Safari Park boasting views of the grounds where the wild animals roam free. This themed resort in Bali gives a unique holiday experience with Safari-inspired ambiance and accommodation.

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