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Published on March 20, 2020 | Activities, Bali Culture, Culture, Nature, Tips, Travel

Bali is known for its breath-taking landscapes, and this usually comes with an epic bonus: the sunset. We’ve written about the top 5 favourite spots in Bali to watch the sunset in January, but we realized that you don’t have to be close to a body of water to get a spectacular sunset shot.

In the highlands such as Ubud, you can enjoy the golden hour lights that flood the terrace rice fields, rainforest canopy and uneven topography of our favourite chill out hub. Get your camera ready, and let’s start the tour!

Here are 3 spots to enjoy sunset in Ubud

1. Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Tegallalang Ubud Bali

Tegalalang Rice Terrace lies in the hilly north of Ubud. At 200 meters above sea level, farmers have long ago figured out a way to turn this challenging landscape into something that can help them produce food even until today. That is the beautiful terracing of the hills.

The best time to enjoy this UNESCO World Heritage is between March and April, and September to October. These are the specific months of the harvest season. Where ripe paddy fields add a layer of gold to the landscape for an eye-catching photo-shoot.

However, visiting on different months is fine too, as you will find lush green mixed with gorgeous afternoon sky in the ever-pleasant 24°C highland temperature. To go to Tegalalang village, simply follow the directions towards this world-famous destination.

2. Kedai D’Sawah.

While the view from this humble restaurant may not be as dramatic as Tegalalang, you’ll still get a decent view of millions of rice plants spread across a wide expanding horizon. It’s amazing to see the sun setting behind the horizon dotted with trees, shrubs, and some small red-tiled houses.

We’ve picked this restaurant from a friend’s recommendation. Kedai means ‘hut or lodge’, sawah is the traditional rice field and Kedai D’Sawah is a clever word play meaning hut in the fields. The name doesn’t lie – you can experience wallet-friendly Asian, Indonesian and Vegetarian dishes while being surrounded by green (or golden) fields.

Don’t miss this restaurant located 2 minutes westward of Goa Gajah using your choice of vehicle. Enjoy the golden hour here!

3. Campuhan Ridge, popular spot to enjoy sunset in Ubud

Campuhan Ridge Ubud Bali

Campuhan Ridge is a narrow path over a hill surrounding valleys of trees, streams, and houses. Motorbikes occasionally use this route to move their agricultural products. In the morning and afternoon, hikers and joggers enjoy the slab-paved road.

You can easily point your camera on the sunset from any point. As there are seldomly any tall trees growing along the road – you can count the few lone coconut trees with one hand. On either side of the ridge, no one seems to own or work the land, so it’s not clear how long will Campuhan Ridge will stay this way.

Regardless, for now it’s an excellent vintage point of Ubud’s uneven geography, ever so green and dominated by trees. Rice fields spotted in certain places. While the sun will set behind groups of coconut trees in the distance.

Using Google Maps, you should follow the road to Warwick IBAH Villa and Spa – on your right if you’re coming in from Sacred Monkey Forest. Then look for the directions and park your car or motorbike appropriately. The Campuhan Ridge is wide enough to let motorbikes through, however.

These 3 spots are perfect for watching sunsets, having picnics, enjoying nature and having fun conversations with your friends and family.

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