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Waterpark & Funzone

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Waterpark & Funzone
Exhibit Bali Safari and Marine Park
Waterpark & Funzone

Get wet and wild in our Waterpark of embark with Jungle Cruise to the amazing Amazon, Fun Zone extends your excitement with fun-tastic amusement for all ages.



The crystal clear water in Waterpark will refresh you and your family. With two choices of pools for children and adults and some water slides, the Waterpark will give you more fun. You can play and swim in the non-stop streaming water pool. The exotic beach view from the distance can also be enjoyed while sliding from water slides.

Besides, you can also spend your resting time while sunbathing in the afternoon. If you are willing to enjoy snack and soft drink, Waterpark is also facilitated with pool café, which is ready to serve you. So, you shouldn't miss to relax in Waterpark if you visit Bali Safari.



This amusement ride is a boat which sails along the tame river while enjoying some animals in the forest along the way of the ride. Being on one boat with family or relatives will really be fun while enjoying calm nature accompanied with peaceful sound of water falling from the high cliff and some animals living in the wild. In the morning or in the afternoon is the best time to enjoy the ride because some animals seem to have more activities.


You will be a little bit wet if you would like to enjoy this amusement ride. Nonetheless, it is for sure that you will enjoy a wonderful sensation after gliding from 10 meters of height sitting on the boat. Invite your friends and relatives to play together to get more fun.



A very fantastic amusement ride to enjoy. You will spin while gliding from the top to the bottom. When you are on the top of the ride, do not miss to enjoy sea, mountain and river views. If you want to scream, it is the right ride to try.


This amusement ride is specialized for children between the ages of 3 to 10 years old. Completed with safety belt, your children will be safe to enjoy this amusement ride for about 3 minutes. Together with friends or alone, your children will feel like being on cable car going on the rail track.


This amusement ride can be enjoyed by the visitors of all ages. It is commonly known as Carousel. You can enjoy this amusement ride with your family that you can choose to sit on the horse or cart freely.


This amusement ride takes the form of an octopus with 12 tentacles, which all of them can move up and down in rhythm. You will feel like spinning and flying while moving up and down. Amusing if enjoyed together with family or friends. This amusement ride is available only for visitors over 10 years old. To be absolutely mentally and physically fit is necessary for you to really enjoy the ride.