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Mara River Safari Lodge at TripAdvisor  Mara River Safari Lodge at TripAdvisor

African Themed Bali Resort

African Themed Bali Resort

Ever imagine yourself in the middle of the African wilderness bio environment? Feed the exotic animals directly from your window, while appreciating the natural ambiance of the biodiversity. Hear the majestic lion's fantastic roar while enjoying tropical fruits. It doesn’t have to be a dream to connect yourself with nature. Mara River Safari Lodge is the only Bali resort that can fulfill your fantasy.

Mara River Safari Lodge is a resort in Bali that will satisfy your adventurous side. Located in the middle of a themed resort, this Bali resort offers you a truly unique experience living in the authenticity of the African wilderness. As well as providing first-class accommodation, we will take you on an unforgettable journey to see exotic endangered animals, in close proximity to your resort's door. 

Enjoy the African panorama just outside the Tsavo Lion Restaurant. Find yourself in an adventure with Bali Safari & Marine Park. Feel authentic wild life with us.

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