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Published on July 10, 2020 | Activities, Bali Culture, Culture, Tips, Travel

Imagine going to a place that is perfect for nature photography:

Bali long-tail grey monkeys, waterfalls, rice terraces, winding paths through a rainforest, and an ancient Balinese temple – all of these are found in one area, that is Gianyar region.

Get ready to do some exploring, because we have some local advice on where you can find the most instagrammable places in Gianyar.

1. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Monkey Forest in Gianyar

The Monkey Forest is a classic landmark of Ubud, with shrines and free-roaming monkey guardians.

The entrance ticket to the Monkey Forest is Rp. 80,000 (under US$ 6). The sanctuary officially opens at 8:30am daily, and this is the optimal time to do some morning photography for a few reasons.

The park isn’t crowded yet, so you can take interesting candid photos without including other people in the frame. Lighting is best at this time, as the sun’s morning rays peer through the leaves, creating a perfect contrast between light and shadows.

Wear something neutral to contrast with the green natural background. You can also challenge yourself and create stunning photos around the monkeys and their funny candid monkey activities. Don’t forget to read our tips on visiting the Monkey Forest.


2. Tibumana Waterfall

Tibumana Waterfall

A little drive to the east, towards the more hilly areas of Gianyar, there’s a village called Apuan, where you will find the famous Tibumana waterfall.

While the waterfall isn’t particularly tall (it’s only about 5 meters high), the waterfall is located inside a pristine oasis, a kind of sheltered bowl that is teeming with tropical plants, indigenous birds, and surrounded by peaceful acoustics.

The perfect photo – no, even better, live stream – is waiting for you here. As always, arrive early to enjoy the scenery with fewer tourists and fresh morning light. Don’t forget to take pictures along the way down to the waterfall, which is a beautiful 15-minute jungle trek on a paved path that you shouldn’t miss out on.

A special tip: If you visit this waterfall during the rainy season between January and May, you will likely see a twin waterfall rather than the typical single waterfall you see on other people’s feeds.


3. Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Tegallalang Rice Terrace

Even though rice fields are ubiquitous to Bali, the reason why you should visit Tegalalang to see rice terraces is because of the unique topography, unlike anything you’ll find on flat areas (such as in Denpasar).

The terracing was built between two hills, with a small stream at the bottom of the 10-meter valley channeling spring water from either side of it. Tegalalang is also a place with great access to these uncommon landscapes, especially with the welcoming locals allowing you to gain access to their farm.

The morning sunlight is your friend. Go at sunrise when the light is bright enough to light up the valley, but also low enough to avoid overexposure to give the landscape a chance to complement the subject.

If you choose to see Tegalalang rice terraces in the afternoon, visit the place at 5 pm in the middle of the golden hour.

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