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Published on June 15, 2018 | Animals, Tips, Uncategorized

It is important to preserve and conserve nature and wildlife. As the human population continues to increase, we encroach into the animal territory and this can cause problems. It is an increasingly crowded world, and as crops and orchards take the place of animal habitats and food source, conflicts tend to take place. Wild animals don’t actually mean to harm anyone, they’re just looking for food sources and water. Here are some natural ways to support humans and animals living together side by side in harmony.

Use Chilli or Tobacco


Did you know that most animals hate the smell and taste of chilli and tobacco? Spread them on the outer perimeters of your garden, orchard or plantation to keep wild animals at bay. This is especially helpful to deter wild elephants.




Elephants are also afraid of bees. Bees can fly up the elephant’s trunk and sting it from within – imagine the pain the poor pachyderm would feel. So it makes sense that a fence of beehives would stop a thousand pound elephant from encroaching into your property! The honey produced by these bees would also provide you an extra source of income.


Livestock Banks

livestock bank

In some rural areas, communities have introduced “livestock banks” in which a family would be compensated by the community if any of their livestock are killed or injured.


Alternative Water Points

water points

This is a great way to avoid animal-human conflict and also a fantastic way to get wild animals to stop using human supplies. In some parts of the world, tame elephants are used to direct their wild counterparts to these alternative water points.


Wildlife Tourism

wildlife tourism

Once communities learn how to live side-by-side with wild animals, wildlife tourism companies could be set up.  Surrounding villages and the local communities could actually then benefit from living in close proximity with wild animals.

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