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Published on May 8, 2020 | Activities, Bali Culture, Culture, Tips, Travel

Ubud is often associated with imagery of exotic rice fields and dense rainforests, and a creative center of arts and crafts – sold in the Ubud Markets.

In this article, we’ll write a short guide for those planning to go to Ubud.

Traveling to Ubud

Despite its small size, many roads have been built to lead you to Ubud from all directions.

From Denpasar, you may take the Sanur ByPass Road, pass the magnificent Titi Banda Statue, and follow the directions through Batubulan town.

From Mara River Safari Lodge, take the Pantai Lebih Road up to Gianyar, and then follow the direction westward, passing by Goa Gajah Cave, and reaching Ubud “the common way”.

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The Three Famous Ubud Markets:

1. Ubud Art Market

Ubud Market

The most well-known market is the Ubud Art Market, located at Karnal Road, parallel to the Monkey Forest Road. Those who are dropped off at the town center, or have parked their motorbikes on the designated area, may find the entrance to the art market easily.

The market is filled with unique arts and crafts made by local people, made from various materials – wood, cloth, metal, clay, and stone. The pathway through the market is for pedestrians only, so you won’t need to worry about oncoming traffic.

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2. Ubud Morning Market

Ubud Morning Market

Open from 5am to 8am, this market offers a unique and authentic experience. In the market for locals, a timely visit to the morning market allows you to take a glimpse of the ordinary Balinese life.

Men and women from rural Ubud congregate to sell their daily harvest of fruits and vegetables, from large and small farms. Fresh poultry and pork from family pens and slaughterhouses and new batches of fermented soybeans (tempeh and tofu) are the staples of protein for the locals.

You may understand very little Balinese chatter and humor, but one thing in common which you can share with them is an empty stomach in the morning. Feel free to join them for a quick breakfast of nasi lawar, rice with the grated fried coconut-vegetable mix, with a few pieces of pork (or chicken) cooked in various ways.

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3.Ubud Organic Market

Ubud Organic Market
Photo credit by Ubud Organic Farmer’s Market

Unlike the other two markets, the Ubud Organic Market is only open twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 9am to 2pm. Finding a time to visit this wholesome market is worth the effort.

You will find an assortment of vegan-friendly ingredients, such as organic soy milk, nuts and seeds, seasonal avocadoes, dried fruits, dates, jams, herbs, coffee, cocoa and tofu.

To learn more about Ubud Organic Market, visit their website.

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Ubud is a fascinating town that offers experiences for everyone. Whether you are a fan of history, an outdoor enthusiast, or a shopper for souvenirs and organic food, there is a place just for you in Ubud.