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The Best Waterpark in Gianyar

Did you know that Mara River Safari Lodge, an award-winning 4-star, African-themed family-friendly retreat, is also home to a fun and exciting Waterpark in Gianyar, Bali? If you have little ones who love playing in the water, then they’ll be beyond thrilled to know that they will have access to our world-class waterpark facility throughout your stay with us, anytime ...

December 7, 2020 Accommodation, Activities

Most Romantic and Instagrammable Spots in Gianyar

When it comes to traveling to Gianyar, vanity is the number one priority. It’s one of the most photogenic regions in Bali — a land blessed with small streams and rapid canyons, extreme hills and terraced paddy fields, and an astounding view of the volcanic Mount Agung. Do you need something fresh on your social media feed? Charge your batteries ...

November 20, 2020 Activities, Tips, Travel

Here’s What to Expect at Our Bali Safari Lodge

Can’t wait to go on a vacation to Bali? It’s time to chart a course and plan your holiday, because when our borders are open, it’s going to be a race to book the best spots on the island! Of course, a post-pandemic vacation plan should be unique and out of the ordinary. Luckily we have something prepared for you ...

November 13, 2020 Accommodation, Activities

Safari Lodge Package Accommodation Deals!

When you combine artistic and luxurious room design with an exotic view, quality service and access to a wild safari park, you get an experience of a lifetime. Mara River Safari Lodge presents not just accommodation that would make you feel at home, but also one that ushers you to escape the ordinary and have a taste of the unknown. ...

October 9, 2020 Accommodation, Activities, Tips, Travel

Looking for a Hotel near Bali Safari Park?

It is almost dark, and you are in the parking lot just outside Bali Safari Park. It’s time to go, but you don’t want to leave so soon. You still imagine scenes of the wildlife world — magnificent lions standing tall in their pride, graceful orangutans swinging through trees without a care, and your first experience of feeding a curious ...

September 18, 2020 Accommodation, Activities, Hotel, Tips, Travel

Ways You Can Promote Animal Welfare in Bali

Organizations such as Bali Safari Park are given special permission by the government to care for wild animals outside of their habitat. But can an ordinary person still promote animal welfare, even as a tourist? The answer is yes! You can practice responsible tourism while enjoying what Bali has to offer. Unlike ecotourism, which can be done in certain locations, ...

July 17, 2020 Activities, Animals