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A Visit to the Historical Taman Ujung in Karangasem

Far from bustling South Bali lies a hidden historical gem – a serene Dutch-Balinese water palace with a surprising history. It is located about 5 km southeast of the pleasant town Amlapura, very close to the eastern Bali coastline. If you’re a big fan of history and culture, particularly of Balinese and Indonesian history, then Taman Ujung Palace in Karangasem ...

April 17, 2020 Activities, Bali Culture, Tips, Travel

Bali Cultural Focus: Traditional Barong Dance in Ubud, Gianyar

The gamelan orchestra transports you to the mystical side of Bali. Every beat of the bronze gongs and ancient xylophones draws you closer into a curious yet unknown world. Two monkeys enter from the stage curtain, along with the antagonist. Speaking in coarse Balinese, the witch incites an evil scheme, which allows more characters to enter the stage, including the ...

April 3, 2020 Activities, Bali Culture, Culture, Travel